Sourcing Locally: Sustainable Agriculture, Organic Dairies | Pacific Foods

When we’re seeking out our non-GMO and (as often as possible) certified organic ingredients we try not to look too far away.  We believe the closer to home the better when it comes to ingredient sourcing. Our aim is to buy as many ingredients from local suppliers as possible. In fact, nearly half our ingredients come from Oregon. If we can’t find something right here in our backyard, we’ll reach out to suppliers along the West Coast. And if we still can’t find the quality ingredient we’re looking for we’ll search the whole USA before going overseas as a last resort. We’re lucky, though. We’re able to source three-quarters of our ingredients regionally and nearly 90% nationally.

Mt. Hood

Sustainable farming is something we’re passionate about so we try to lead with a kind hand. That means helping to protect local farmland, working with suppliers who are raising animals humanely, and treating the people we work with fairly.

Local farms supply us with free-range chickens and turkeys, organic milk and cream, and select produce for our soups. In fact, the milk used in our creamy soups is utilized within 24-36 hours from the time it was milked from the cows.

On some properties near our Tualatin home, natural wetlands had been destroyed by the spread of agricultural land and invasive, non-native species.

Restoring the land to healthy, fertile farmland was an ambitious and costly endeavor. Many said it couldn’t be done. But by working closely with the Wetlands Conservancy, the wetlands in Deer Creek, Hedges Creek, and Three Sisters have been reborn.

Today, they filter water and offer a valuable habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Witness nature restored.

Local Wetlands

Local greenhouses incubate more than produce – they have worked as a testing ground to grow and try different varietals of vegetables to determine which one imparts the best flavor and quality, so we can partner with local farmers to grow the variety we need.

When we weren’t satisfied with the flavor of the roasted bell pepper we sourced from a flavor house for our roasted red pepper and tomato soup, we researched multiple varieties of red bell peppers in an effort to find the most flavorful, providing the optimal complement to the taste of classic tomato soup.