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Plant-based milks

Tastefully creamy, deliberately delicious


A shelf stable pantry staple

Specially designed cartons lock in all the flavor of our plant-based milks, so you can stock up and be ready to make smooth sippers, decadent baked goods and mouthwatering meals at a moment’s notice.


Goodness from harvest to shelf

Pacific plant-based milks are produced with intentionally grown, non-GMO and — in the case of cashews — Fair Trade Certified ingredients.


A fresh take on yum

Enjoy plant-based deliciousness in all your favorite varieties. We let the natural richness of everything from coconut to cashew shine through in every sip.

Almond milks

Gently roasted organic almonds bring an authentic and robust nuttiness to our signature smooth sipping experience.

Cashew milks

Ethically sourced, Fair Trade Certified, organic cashews deliver a creamy profile with a clean finish that's perfect for sauces and smoothies.

Coconut milks

Using only humanely harvested organic coconuts, Pacific coconut milks are made simply, allowing the natural refreshing goodness of the fruit to steal the show.

Hemp milks

Rich in plant-based nutrients, this powerful little seed makes our creamy hemp milks an excellent source of omega-3 ALA and a good source of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.

Oat milks

Organic oats naturally sweeten these velvety milks. Delicious by the glass, over cereal or in your favorite recipes.

Soy milks

Choose from two-ingredient, organic simplicity or an ultra option that goes head-to-head with the protein of traditional dairy milks.