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Stocks infused with simple sophistication

Organic Chicken Stock

We make our chicken stock with simple, high quality, organic ingredients, and cook it for long hours, the same way it has been done for centuries. Versatile and flavorful, stock can be used to enhance any savory dish.

Organic Unsalted Chicken Stock

Our unsalted stock can be used as a quality base to enhance any savory dish. Perfect for making gravies and sauces or braising meat.

Made to let your inner chef shine


Complexity, simply simmered

Cooked at a slow and low simmer to release the complex flavors of simple ingredients, Pacific stock adds depth to sauces, marinades and gravies.


Authentically wholesome

We use only carefully sourced, organic, whole-food ingredients. That means no artificial preservatives, flavorings or yeast extracts end up on your plate.


Dial in recipes for any lifestyle

Our stocks come in salted and unsalted varieties — each with 6 grams of protein per serving — so you can make your recipes your way.


Get creative with more ways to add Pacific to your plate.