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Simply delightful soy milks

Organic Unsweetened Soy Original Beverage

Some beans are in a class by themselves. At Pacific, we only use the highest quality soybeans. Because what you begin with makes all the difference. No additives. No fillers. No beany taste.

Abundantly nourishing with a touch of sweetness


Classic to ultra

From our simplest unsweetened plant-based milk to a fortified ultra blend with 10 grams of protein per cup, these soy milks are a delicious essential for any lifestyle.


Perfectly plant based

The smooth, clean, velvety flavor of Pacific soy milks comes straight from the fields of trusted growers. No dairy, no carrageenan, no GMOs.


Ready how you want it

Vegan, kosher and gluten free, our soy milks are ready to be plucked right from the pantry to make your sipping more satisfying, smoothies more nutritious and sauces more creamy.


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