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Why Pacific — consciously crafted to nourish and inspire

Making an impact beyond the table

We exist to make delicious foods with uncompromising care to nourish and delight from field to table. We consciously craft our products to enhance the well-being of people. And we believe that organic and plant-based options are critical ways to start to create a regenerative food system.

Showing up for our purpose


Certified accountability

We hold ourselves accountable through certifications ranging from USDA organic to Fair Trade to Global Animal Partnership.


Community partnerships

Working alongside organizations like No Kid Hungry, Oregon Food Bank and The Wetlands Conservancy, we aim to support our local and global communities.


Ongoing growth

Always looking for opportunities to make a greater impact, we recognize where we are is just the beginning as we strive to do better for people and the planet.

Simple, delicious and often plant based

Founded on the belief that the right ingredients can be nourishing and flavorful, we are thoughtful about how we craft our products. Offering a wide range of tasty organic and plant-based options, we make it easier to be intentional about the way you stock your pantry.

Progress toward animal welfare certification


Where we are

Pacific has achieved 76% G.A.P. Step 2 certification, which means we’re working to ensure our chickens are raised in environments that promote health, natural behaviors and emotional wellbeing.


The way forward

By the end of 2023, we are committed to sourcing G.A.P. Step 2-certified or higher for our Pacific Foods products, impacting approximately 17% of our chicken ingredient volume.


Beyond tomorrow

At the close 2024, 100% of the chicken we source directly will come from birds raised in improved environments. A commitment that will be verified through independent G.A.P. certifiers.

Pioneers from field to table

Pacific's roots go back to 1987 when our founder set out to make nourishing foods using organic ingredients. Decades later we carry this legacy forward as we set out to achieve our vision of stocking every pantry with the power to generate wellbeing.