How to choose among the zillion nondairy milks out there.

The milk section is doing a lot lately. While cow’s milk appears to be here to stay, the udder stuff is sharing the shelf with a whole lot of other stuff these days. Think of a nut, grain, seed, legume—someone, somewhere, has figured out how to make nondairy milk out of it.

Hemp milk

“It’s not as mainstream as the others, but hemp is a pretty good one,” says Moore.

Think of it as slightly more substantial almond milk, in terms of both taste and nutrition. It’s similarly easy to drink and use, but sneaks just a little more nutrition and body in—making it a great option for someone who is looking for the lightness and versatility offered by nut milks but who is allergic to nuts or wants a little more nutrition punch from their milk, Scritchfield says.

Like the tasty little seeds it’s made from, hemp milk has a pretty mild, slightly nutty flavor and offers a modest amount of protein. “So it’s not a ton, but you do get some more protein there than with something like almond milk,” says Moore, who likes to make her own hemp milk at home. It’s also got some fat in the form of the omega-3s that hemp seeds are known for, Soto points out, which makes it a little more creamy and filling.

1 cup of Pacific Foods brand unsweetened hemp milk contains:
60 calories
4.5 g fat
0 g carbs
0 g fiber
0 g sugar
3 g protein

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