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Pacific Foods Barista Series: The Barista’s Choice for Over 20 Years


Are you looking to take your coffee or espresso to the next level? There’s a reason our award-winning Barista Series enjoys all-star status among connoisseurs and at-home brewers alike. 

Pacific Foods’ creamy plant-based milks span the flavor spectrum from rich to subtle, bringing character and depth to your favorite roasts. With our signature micro-foam performance, Barista Series milks offer a smooth, glossy finish to delight any discerning palate.

Why is it called Barista Series?

Why? Because we conceived each of our Barista Series products with professional brewers and espresso makers in mind!

“Barista Series doesn’t exist without baristas,” says Debra Kaminski, director of foodservice marketing for Pacific Foods. “We won’t release a single product until they tell us it’s the best it can be.”

The truth of that statement is born out in the numbers. Barista Series products are among the bestselling in the company and won “Best New Product” in 2018 from SCA. Barista Series Oat Original has been particularly successful. We crafted this milk with true fans of coffee in mind — from the delicious neutral flavor that lets your coffee shine through to the creamy texture and steaming performance that gives dairy milk a run for its money. Like everything at Pacific Foods Barista Series, it’s inspired and approved by baristas.

What’s the difference between Barista Series and other Pacific Foods plant milks?

Pacific Foods offers a wide variety of plant-based milks. Our Barista Series is the standout choice for those looking to enjoy café-style products in the comfort of their own homes.

More consumers are buying home-use espresso machines or steaming tools to recreate coffee-shop drinks in their own kitchens. We’re bringing our Barista Series plant milks to the masses with this crowd and their favorite tools in mind.

Barista Series products are performance beverages designed to withstand the high heat of steaming, but they’re also versatile enough to use in cold drinks. They steam like dairy and deliver a consistent and velvety texture. These products are rigorously tested in coffee shops throughout the country.

“It takes intention, passion and excellence to set a hospitality experience apart. At Onyx, we incorporate the Barista Series in our drinks as a standard. Why? Because it’s the best, and because being intentional about our ingredients demonstrates care for our community. All these small choices make real change.”

—Andrea Allen, co-founder and operator of Onyx Coffee Lab, 2020 US Barista Champion and Pacific Foods partner

What milks are available in the Barista Series?

We’ve taken care through the years to cultivate a diverse flavor catalog inspired by popular cafe options. The Barista Series delivers the flavor and experience of a coffee-shop beverage, minus the long lines and misspelled names scrawled across your cup.

Almond Original

Enjoy the mellow flavor of our spectacularly smooth Barista Series Almond Original. It’s absolutely curdle free, creating a glossy micro-foam that one can savor in hot and cold drinks alike.

Almond Unsweetened

This light almond option yields a creamy texture for unsweetened latte goodness. It blends perfectly with cold drinks, creating a rich flavor experience without the sugar.

Hemp Original

This favorite pairs seamlessly with coffee and espresso. Pacific Foods Barista Series Hemp Original boasts a subtle yet prominent flavor, great for enhancing espresso. High in calcium and a good source of iron, this plant-based milk delivers a nourishing boost to complement its silky smoothness.

Oat Original

Add a little depth to your favorite roast with the natural sweetness of oats. Awarded New Product of the Year in 2018 by the Specialty Coffee Association, our Barista Series Oat Original delivers four grams of protein per serving for a satisfying sip.

Coconut Original

Ever wonder what a next-level mocha tastes like? Add a delicious hit of coconut to find out! Bring depth to your dark roasts and a lift to your light ones with this delightful plant-based milk.

Soy Original

If you’re looking for a neutral flavor, Pacific Foods Barista Series Soy Original is the go-to for adding magic to your mug. It complements virtually any roast with its soft, subtle texture and packs five grams of protein into every serving.

Barista Series is an excellent addition to your at-home coffee bar.

Our Barista Series milks are more than just another set of coffee products to pad your showcase. They are carefully designed for professional use. Whether you like your coffee with a splash of plant milk or flavored with your favorite syrups, you’ll find a pairing that will elevate your at-home coffee experience. One that rivals the performance and high quality of your favorite coffee shop.

Barista Series recipes.

From blend to sip, Barista Series plant milks are sure to inspire. Try them in one of our many recipes, and let the taste speak for itself!

Iced Golden Tamarind Latte

First on the menu is the Iced Golden Tamarind Latte, a refreshing blend of floral chrysanthemum tea and invigorating turmeric. The one and only Andrea Allen, co-founder of Onyx Coffee Lab and the 2020 US Barista Champion, brought this recipe to life, and the world of coffee is better for it. 

Create a chrysanthemum tea concentrate, shake it over ice with turmeric tamarind syrup, and strain it into a glass with ice. Top it off with one ounce of Pacific Foods Barista Series Almond Original Milk, and enjoy the smooth texture and mellow flavor. Before sipping, garnish with a dried chrysanthemum flower to add a touch of sweetness. See the full recipe: Iced Golden Tamarind Latte

Portland Maple Bar Oat Latte

Embark on a sweet and nutty journey with the Portland Maple Bar Oat Latte, a 12-ounce blend featuring two shots of espresso, maple syrup, vanilla and brown sugar. The drink’s rich flavor profile that pays homage to Portland’s culinary innovation.

Tie it all together with Pacific Foods Barista Series Oat Original to infuse it with a velvety texture and rich flavor. Blend the mixture over ice in a cup and enjoy a new dimension to this classic latte drink.

See the full recipe: Portland Maple Bar Oat Latte

Cinnamon Honey Oat Cold Brew Latte

Delight in the harmony of flavors in the Cinnamon Honey Oat Cold Brew Latte. This 12-ounce creation features Pacific Foods Barista Series Oat Milk, honey syrup, cinnamon sugar and cold brew concentrate.

Blend the ingredients together and pour over ice. Infuse it with the sweet, mellow notes of Pacific Foods Oat Original milk and float cold brew concentrate on top to create a beverage you’d swear was made by a professional”.

See the full recipe: Cinnamon Honey Oat Cold Brew Latte

Pacific Foods Barista Series: Barista Inspired. Barista Approved®. 

Discover Pacific Foods Barista Series, where plant-based perfection meets satisfaction! From the mellow almond to the subtly sweet oat and the creamy coconut, our versatile plant milks satisfy a variety of tastes.

Let us transform your coffee bar into a proper coffee shop by bringing you the quality ingredients you expect from a real cafe experience. The possibilities are truly endless with the Pacific Foods Barista Series, the plant milk of choice for the aspiring barista champion in your house.