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Plant-based pantry.

Stock up on goodness


Delish, any way you plant it

Whether you’re whipping up a meatless Monday meal or craving a plant-protein smoothie, Pacific plant-based broths, soups, chilis and milks are ready and waiting for you on your pantry shelf.


Nourishing essentials

Meticulously selected non-GMO ingredients bring all their essential nourishment to our plant-based offerings, making it easy to add more deliciousness to your day.


Carefully sourced ingredients

When it comes to our plant-based broths, soups, chilis and milks, we take it the extra mile with a commitment to careful sourcing — going organic whenever possible.

Plant-based chilis

Ancient grains, fire-roasted veggies and flavorful spices help make a delicious — and filling — ready-to-enjoy meal or ingredient in many a crowd-pleasing dish.

Plant-based broths

Slow-simmered vegetables and robust seasonings set a delightfully savory and wholesome stage for your favorite plant-based recipes.

Plant-based soups

With bright garden vegetables, global spices, and creamy oat milk options, Pacific plant-based soups are perfect for everything from light lunches to cozy week-night dinners.

Plant-based milks

For sipping, baking and cooking, our intentionally crafted plant-based milks feature tasty ingredients like toasted almonds, tropical coconut, sweet soy and more.