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Exploring the Top Benefits of Hemp Milk


New to hemp milk? You’re not alone. This lesser-known plant-based milk variety hasn’t yet reached the popularity of almond or oat, but there are many worthwhile reasons to introduce hemp milk into your kitchen.

What are the benefits of using hemp milk? How does it taste? Is it good to cook with? Here, we’ll answer all those questions and more.

Why Hemp Milk Is a Fantastic Non-Dairy Milk Alternative

Compared to almond and coconut milk, hemp milk hasn’t been on the market that long. But that’s no reason to dismiss it. With its versatility, rich consistency and nutlike flavor, it’s a worthy plant-based beverage to add to your pantry.

Flavor Profile

There are six main flavor profiles: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy and savory (also known as umami). Hemp milk falls into the sweet category, boasting a nutty, earthy flavor.

While slightly sweet, its nutty flavor is similar to that of roasted nuts or sunflower seeds. If you enjoy the robust flavors of nut milk but follow a nut-free diet, hemp milk will provide a similar taste.

Hemp milk also has a smooth, creamy texture. Hot or cold, it can provide a thicker consistency than some other nut milk options.

As a Cooking and Baking Ingredient

Hemp milk can work wonders for your cooking and baking needs. With its earthy flavor profile, it’s well-suited for savory dishes. Hemp milk’s creamy consistency can also add richness to dishes. You can use it for soups, sauces, dressings and more.

Hemp milk is also an incredible dairy milk alternative when making desserts. From chocolate muffins to cinnamon cookies, it’ll help add moisture and a subtle hint of nutty flavor. You can even use hemp milk to create delicious nice cream.

Love smoothies? So do we. Luckily, hemp milk makes a delicious addition to your favorite smoothie recipe. Just sub hemp milk for dairy milk and you’re good to go.

Bonus: Hemp milk is also great for hot drinks like coffee and tea. It doesn’t split or separate in hot liquids, and it can even be used to create foam and froth.

Nutritional Profile

Hemp milk is made by soaking hulled hemp seeds in water to soften them up. These seeds are then blended in water until a smooth, creamy consistency is achieved. While you can drink plain hemp milk, most people enjoy it with flavors and sweeteners added.

Hemp milk offers 3 or more grams of plant-based protein in every serving. Plus, hemp milk is an excellent source of omega-3 ALA and calcium and a good source of magnesium, and Vitamin D.

The exact nutritional profiles of hemp milk will vary by brand and even by varieties within the same brand. Sweeteners will add more calories and carbohydrates, but unsweetened varieties will contain zero or trace amounts of both.

Here’s a breakdown of the different hemp milk options offered by Pacific Foods.

Hemp Original Beverage

The main ingredients in our sweetened Hemp Original Beverage are water and hulled hemp seeds. A serving size is one cup, and each serving contains 140 calories as well as 4 grams of protein.

Hemp Unsweetened Original Beverage

Like the Original Hemp Beverage, our Hemp Unsweetened Original Beverage is created with water and hulled hemp seeds. However, it isn’t sweetened, and a serving size of one cup has just 60 calories.

Hemp Vanilla Beverage

Our Hemp Vanilla Beverage is sweetened and features a delicious vanilla flavor. Each serving features 170 calories as well as 4 grams of protein.

Hemp Unsweetened Vanilla Beverage

Although our Hemp Unsweetened Vanilla Beverage isn’t sweetened, the natural flavoring gives it a smooth vanilla taste. It also includes just 60 calories and 3 grams of protein per serving.

Common Questions About Hemp and Other Plant-Based Milks

Have questions about hemp milk? We have answers. Below, we answer some of your most burning questions about this dairy milk alternative.

How Do Plant-Based Milk Alternatives Compare to Dairy Milk in Terms of Taste and Nutrition?

Dairy milk has naturally occurring sugar. Whether you drink it or use it in a recipe, unsweetened plant milk won’t be as sweet. If you like your milk to be on the sweeter side, try a sweetened variety or add your preferred sweetener to it.

Each plant milk will have its own specific flavor profile. It all depends on what the base ingredient is. Hemp milk’s base ingredient is hemp seeds, which have a nutty taste. Oat milk will be infused with the natural sweetness of its main ingredient, which is oats.

While each plant-based milk won’t taste exactly like dairy milk, it’ll have its own unique flavor to enjoy. As far as consistency, plant-based milks like oat and almond milk are thinner. However, hemp milk offers a similar consistency to 2% dairy milk.

Are There Any Potential Drawbacks to Consuming Plant-Based Milk Alternatives Like Hemp Milk?

One thing to keep in mind is whether you have food allergies and sensitivities or any dietary restrictions. Read nutrition labels carefully to ensure the product is safe for you to consume.

How Do I Know Which Plant-Based Milk Alternative to Choose?

It all depends on your taste preferences and what you’re using plant-based milk for. For example, if you’re baking a sweet dessert, you may want to opt for a sweetened milk alternative. If you’re cooking a savory dinner, it might be best to stick with an unsweetened alternative.

It’s also important to note that there may be subtle differences in flavor and mouthfeel between plant-based alternatives. For example, coconut milk will feature a coconut flavor, while hemp milk may have a slightly nutty flavor.

Consider what flavors you enjoy and how big a role texture plays in your recipe. Then you can select the right alternative for you.

Ready to Try Hemp Milk? Start With Pacific Foods Milk Alternatives

If you’re looking for a new plant-based milk, creamy hemp milk is a great choice! And if you’re considering Pacific Foods milk alternatives, you can feel good about any plant-based milk you use.

Made with quality ingredients, we have a wide variety of great-tasting plant-based milks to elevate your kitchen. Pick up your favorites or try something new at a store near you.