As our company grows, so do our employee numbers. Our workforce has increased to over 600. To put happy, healthy employees first, we provide exercise, nutrition and sustainability programs that reward people for leading healthier lives – like taking health screenings and committing to regular exercise. But why stop there? Our Sustainable Commuter Program encourages people to use alternative transportation to get to work. And since 2013 our Community Store has provided access to high quality, nourishing foods for Pacific employees (as well as local non-profits and regional food deserts). Its shelves boast every Pacific Foods product, plus fresh organic veggies, meat and eggs from our founder’s farms, as well as local dairy products and specialty items – all at deep discounts to enable healthier eating habits. It’s another way we reward each other around the clock for making good choices for our health. Because that’s what families do.

We’re Hiring!
Pacific Foods has a variety of positions available at our Oregon facility. We are actively looking for the right candidates to fill these roles. Is that person you? Our employees enjoy competitive benefits, a positive work environment and are driven by our purpose to Nourish Every Body. Come join us! Click here to learn more and apply. 

Vision starts at the top.

It’s not hard to live your mission when you have such a great team leading the way. From the beginning we’ve been committed to making nourishing foods that nourish communities and to always follow our mission to:

Make Pacific Foods the most respected brand in the natural foods industry by providing a safe, positive environment in which we produce the highest quality, innovative products that benefit our employees, customers, community and environment.

Meet the leadership team that inspires us to reach for our goals.

Joe Folds


“It is a real honor to be part of an organization that has such a powerful and inspiring purpose.  It comes to life in everything we do: from making great tasting and nutritious foods using simple ingredients to nourishing our employees, playing an active role in our community, and being thoughtful about our impact on the environment.  Our ambition to “Nourish Every Body” drives the work that we do every day.”

Erin Carlson

HR Director, Corporate & Commercial Functions

“Pacific Foods has a strong culture of passionate people that are not afraid to disrupt the norm.  Which means we do things a little differently here, and that entrepreneurial spirit shines through in our innovative products and processes.  Our workforce is committed to providing healthy and ethically sourced foods, addressing food insecurity for those that need it most, and having a positive and sustainable impact on our environment.  I’m so proud to be part of an organization that aligns so clearly with my own personal values.  We have a saying around here, “We do what’s right, not what’s easy.””

Brendan Washington

Senior Director of Manufacturing and Supply Chain

“I jumped at the opportunity to join the Pacific Foods team because of its legacy as a pioneer in organic and natural foods. Pacific’s commitment to sustainability and community involvement are expressions of its deep sense of responsibility to make a positive impact, not limited to just the grocery aisle, but also in the lives of its employees, neighbors, and consumers.”

Tammy Hess

VP of Finance

“For me, if a food is nutritious it should also be delicious.  Our line-up of pantry staples meets both of my requirements. I like knowing that when I use Pacific products I never need to sacrifice flavor for carefully sourced, pure ingredients prepared by a team who knows how to maximize the nourishment in each recipe.”

Winnie Parmar

Director of Research & Development

“As a long time Pacific Foods’ consumer, I’m excited to be part of the Pacific family, and the strong
R & D team that has a passion for consumer, culinary and science. I am energized to be part of a great team who will be creating delicious, healthy, and nourishing products for our consumers. I am a strong believer of the values that Pacific Foods holds, and very excited about future innovation that we will have for consumers to serve to their families, which will continue to be delicious and nourishing.”

David Pimentel

Senior IT Manager, Information Systems

“I joined Pacific Foods based on their values of good food for all communities and their strong environmental reputation. It is a privilege to work with an organization that continues to uphold these values and to witness the hard work and dedication by all of my colleagues. When you work with a large group of people that have a passion for what they’re doing, it’s amazing what can be accomplished.
The best part of working at Pacific Foods is knowing that a top priority is addressing food insecurity.  I am inspired daily by programs such as their initiative to pack food boxes for food insecure families with the goal of uplifting communities.”