Food Philosophy: Simple Ingredients, Certified to the Source | Pacific Foods

We make our foods the old-fashioned way.

At Pacific, every day is a celebration of nature’s goodness. We’ve always believed that nature’s work needs little refinement. That’s why we believe in making nourishing foods and strive to make them the way you would at home. We like using time-honored recipes and just a few simple ingredients, showcasing each ingredient’s true flavor and inherent nutrition. No additives or preservatives in our food. Shortcuts aren’t in our nature. We’ve never set our sights on making food faster, cheaper, or by using the fewest steps. We believe there’s a right way to doing things and it’s seldom the easiest way.

Food that tastes good is only half the equation. We’re here to make food we feel good about bringing into the world, in a way you can feel good about too.

Bowl of Broth

Knowing where our food comes from is important to us.

We’re committed to sourcing organic and as locally as possible, and we rely on trusted suppliers for quality and traceability. No GMOs here.

Since 1997, we’ve verified the origin of every ingredient we use through our Certified to the Source (CTS) program as a way to ensure quality. All of our ingredients – nearly 2,000 of them – are certified to the source. We purchase over 45 million pounds of Certified Organic ingredients annually- over 80% of our total ingredients purchased. And 33 of our products have been verified by the Non-GMO Project.

Keeping it real.

We support transparency in labeling, because we believe you have a right to know what’s in your food. You can be sure that every food that bears the Pacific name will be free of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) also know as GEI’s (genetically engineered ingredients).  We also source locally whenever possible and that every ingredient has a real purpose. We’ve never been big on shortcuts. Some might even call our slow cooking methods “old school.” Perhaps, but the way we see it, nature knows how foods should taste. We just try to follow her lead.