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Pacific Team

nourishing our community

As our company grows, so do our employee numbers. Our workforce has increased to over 600. To put happy, healthy employees first, we provide exercise, nutrition and sustainability programs that reward people for leading healthier lives - like taking health screenings and committing to regular exercise. But why stop there? Our Sustainable Commuter Program encourages people to use alternative transportation to get to work. And since 2013 our Community Store has provided access to high quality, nourishing foods for Pacific employees (as well as local non-profits and regional food deserts). Its shelves boast every Pacific Foods product, plus fresh organic veggies, meat and eggs from our founder's farms, as well as local dairy products and specialty items - all at deep discounts to enable healthier eating habits. It's another way we reward each other around the clock for making good choices for our health. Because that's what families do.

Vision starts at the top.

Pacific Foods co-founders and early team members from left: Chuck Eggert, Bryan Coluccio, Jon Gehrs, Sood Eoff, Stephen Ricker, Terri Weaver, Louanna Eggert, Ted Ottmar and Kaye Barnes

It’s not hard to live your mission when you have such a great team leading the way. From the beginning we’ve been committed to making nourishing foods that nourish communities and to always follow our mission to:

Make Pacific Foods the most respected brand in the natural foods industry by providing a safe, positive environment in which we produce the highest quality, innovative products that benefit our employees, customers, community and environment.

Meet the leadership team that inspires us to reach for our goals.

Chuck Eggert - Founder

“When we founded Pacific Foods in the late ‘80s “what couldn’t be done” seemed to be the things we were drawn to most. Of course we had some failures early on, but our successes laid the foundation for where we are today. We cut our own path, starting with launching plant-based beverages before the dairy-free trend was hot and insisting on tracking every ingredient back to its source before transparency became marketing jargon. To ensure stable supplies of organic ingredients my family became dairy farmers, started working to help revive Oregon’s poultry industry and continually tested new vegetable varieties to find the best flavor for Pacific’s products. Every year we push harder on our commitment to nourishing people and communities with the healthiest food we can make. No matter where our path leads, our commitment to nourish every body will stay true long into the future.”

Jon Gehrs - President, Packaged Product Division

“Since 1987, we’ve held the needs of our consumers and our community foremost in our minds. We think carefully about the impact on human nutrition and the health of the planet when creating our recipes and producing our food. The most important thing to us is to provide delicious foods and beverages that focus on providing the best possible nutrition to our consumers. As a food company, we consider providing for those in-need to be one of our most important responsibilities. Every month we set aside time to produce food that goes directly to the Oregon Food Bank, and also build meal boxes for children in-need at local schools. Nourish Every Body is not just a marketing slogan with us, it is a way of life here at Pacific Foods.”

Kaye Barnes - VP of Executive Services

“Our Pacific Foods Team is values-driven. I’ve had the privilege of being a part of Pacific’s growth into the type of company our founders envisioned as our Mission Statement and Core Values & Beliefs have become more and more embedded into our company DNA. Today, not only is Pacific a caring place for our employees to work and grow, but each year we all do more to support our neighbors. It makes as much sense now as it did decades ago to take the opportunity as an individual and a food company to share Pacific’s nourishing foods with our community.”

Kevin Tisdale - VP of Marketing

“I’m proud to work for a company that is doing its part to help with food insecurity by encouraging its employees to volunteer and pack food boxes with nourishing Pacific Foods products for families in need. I feel inspired knowing that these food boxes are delivered to local schools so that children and their families can enjoy nutritious meals and not worry about where their next meal is coming from, especially during school breaks.”

Kathy Murray - VP of Human Resources

“Pacific Foods is a very special place where nourishment comes in many different forms. Our desire to Nourish Every Body isn’t demonstrated just through the nutritious food we make, we apply it to everything we do for our employees and community. Competitive pay and benefit programs, well-being and engagement initiatives as well as training and development opportunities support our team. Being able to positively change the landscape of food insecurity through our unique food donation programs not only supports our community, it brings us all together for the greater good.”

Greg Thorsgard - VP of Sales

“There are so many worthy organizations and causes to support, we just have to choose what inspires us and make the time. One of the things I appreciate most about Pacific is that just by being part of the team I feel I’m making a contribution. And when I meet buyers and introduce them to our brand and our products, I get to see firsthand how Pacific’s approach to developing carefully sourced, nourishing foods, and our commitment to sustainability, animal welfare and food access help create strong relationships with retailers who share our values.”

Joe McCarthy - VP of Operations

“Pacific Foods’ commitment to providing high quality, healthy food choices is one of the main reasons I wanted to join this dynamic team.  Knowing that the company takes nutrition so seriously and wants to provide excellent options to everyone regardless of their personal situation really resonates with my entire family.”

Terri Weaver - Director of Research and Development

“When we create new products, we always want them to be healthy and nourishing. Whether the products are meant to be eaten as is, or used as a starting point for a family recipe, they should bring only great things to the table and be just what you would make at home if you had the time.”

Tammy Hess - Director of Finance

“For me, if a food is nutritious it should also be delicious.  Our line-up of pantry staples meets both of my requirements. I like knowing that when I use Pacific products I never need to sacrifice flavor for carefully sourced, pure ingredients prepared by a team who knows how to maximize the nourishment in each recipe.”