Whether you need something keto-friendly to put in your coffee, or just want to avoid animal products, lots of us are looking for alternatives to dairy milk these days. And luckily manufacturers are happy to give us a huge array of options. Joining those longtime staples of soy and rice milk at the grocery store are coconut, almond, hemp, flax, pea, oat, and cashew — plus harder-to-find choices like macadamia and quinoa milks, not to mention a whole slew of blends.

Like flax milk, hemp milk is naturally high in omega-3s (about 1090 milligrams) with half the calories and fat of whole cow’s milk, and no carbs or sugar. But it does contain less protein than the pea-enriched flax milk, and more omega-6s, and we typically consume more of those than we should. Still, it has a sweeter flavor than flax and no carbs, making it a great choice for those looking for something keto-friendly and nut-free. You’ll find a few brands out there, but this one is a favorite among folks who know.

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