For almost a year, the hippest of coffee drinkers have been buzzing about the oat milk shortage that has been ruining their morning caffeine fixes. Because Oatly was originally the only oat milk brand used by baristas, and because demand for it has been so high, drinkers have been faced with several waves of the ingredient being out of stock at their local coffee shops and online. And then, all of a sudden, Oatly was no longer the only brand in the game.

4. Pacific Foods Organic Oat Beverage 
Pacific Foods’ Oat Beverage, which interestingly enough was actually released way back in 1996 but never made much of a stir — perhaps because it’s not stocked alongside the milk in grocery stores — was a surprising front-runner among a majority of the tasters. One commented, “I like this one. It goes down easy without overwhelming the flavor of the coffee.” However, its ranking wasn’t unanimous. Upon taking her first sip, another taster stated, “Oh, no! It’s like skim milk, and the color is terrible.”

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