Gone are the days when alternative milk was synonymous with watery, wan beverages—the new crop of alt milks are thick, creamy, and bursting with flavor and nutrients, not to mention environmental benefits. We tested them all to find the best of the best available on the market, and these were our picks.

Pacific Foods Hazelnut Unsweetened Original

While Pacific Foods makes a wide breadth of alternative milks, including rice, hemp, almond, cashew, and more, we love their hazelnut version, which has a unique flavor that makes it taste especially indulgent. Use it to fancy up a coffee-based drink, or to add interested to a cacao smoothie in the morning. It’s unsweetened and carrageenan-free—plus, the Tetra Pak means it can be stored at room temperature until opened, so you can have it on hand whenever you need it.

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