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Refinery29: We Tried 10 Different Oat Milks & This Was Our Favorite

For almost a year, the hippest of coffee drinkers have been buzzing about the oat milk shortage that has been ruining their morning caffeine fixes. Because Oatly was originally the only oat milk brand used by baristas, and because demand for it has been so high, drinkers have been faced with several waves of the ingredient being out of… Read More

PopSugar: Is Oat Milk Healthier Than Other Plant-Based Milks? 3 Dietitians Weigh In

If you’re avoiding cow’s milk because it’s giving you issues with bloating, acne, or congestion (or because you’re vegan), there’s no shortage of plant-based milks to choose from. Almond and soy are probably the most popular, with pea protein milk on the rise, but what about oat milk? This milk alternative seems to be popping up all over supermarkets and in coffee… Read More

Well + Good: One Thing You Don’t Have to Worry About in 2019: Oat Milk Shortages

If you’ve read Well+Good’s predictions for the top Wellness Trends for 2019 (and really, what are you doing with your life if you haven’t?), you know that oat milk is the star of the alt-milk world right now, thanks to its creamy, dairy-like texture. In 2019, though, we’re entering a new era of oat milk abundance—with products from… Read More