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A Nutritionist Says This Is the Worst Dairy Alternative

According to top nutritionist Keri Glassman, founder of and spokesperson for Fairway Market, the worst milk alternative of all is soy milk… As a replacement, Glassman says the best milk alternative is unsweetened cashew milk. Read the full article here.

MindBodyGreen: These Are The 4 Best Plant-Based Beverages For Going Dairy-Free

We’re lucky to live at a time when cutting dairy from your life doesn’t have to be difficult—and can even be delicious. With such a huge variety of dairy milk alternatives out there, each one bringing different health benefits and flavors to the table, the hardest part might be choosing the right one. So, we… Read More

Weight Watchers Magazine: Counter Intelligence

Sales of nondairy milk have soared 61 percent since 2012, with soy, almond, and coconut milks accounting for most of that growth. Here’s how the three types stack up. Coconut milk: Tends to be high in flavor and low in calories – but also low in protein and higher in saturated fat. One to try:… Read More

MindBodyGreen: No Coffee? No Problem. Here Are Three Delicious Morning Alternatives

Ditching coffee can have many positive effects, including improved sleep quality and reduced anxiety. The issue with coffee for many is that it’s such an ingrained part of the day, making it extremely difficult to break the habit—unless you replace that habit with something else. So if you’re looking to cut back on coffee, don’t… Read More

MindBodyGreen: These Caramel Ice Pops Are The Perfect Healthy Summer Treat

We all get cravings. Sometimes it’s hunger-related, and sometimes it’s mental, like when you walk by a pastry shop and suddenly need a pastry. Whichever kind of craving you’ve had, you can be sure pleasure plays a role. Maybe because of this, somewhere along the line cravings were demonized—something to be avoided or to stand… Read More

SheKnows: Why Are People So Obsessed With Oat Milk?

It’s easily accessible Two of the biggest brands of oat milk right now are Oatly, which is credited with bringing oat milk to the U.S., and Pacific Foods, which manufactures several types of alternative milks. But it’s also pretty simple to make your own oat milk. You just make oatmeal, basically, and then use a… Read More