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About the Tasting Kitchen

At Pacific Foods, we believe everyone deserves access to delicious food. In partnership with local Vancouver chefs, we are collaborating to help give back to the local community. Come join us at our Pacific Foods Tasting Kitchen to sample a trio of our soups, where every sip will nourish someone in need.



Meet our Tasting Kitchen Partners

Karen Barnaby
Karen Barnaby is an award winning chef, product development consultant, cookbook author, and Vancouver Sun Food columnist with a low tolerance for food snobs, whiners, and picky eaters. She works to ensure that food is cherished and that good food is available to everyone.

Karen will be at the Tasting Kitchen on select days sharing recipe tips using Pacific products, tying in her passion around leveraging leftovers to combat food waste.


The Dugout Drop-In Society
The Dugout is a “Community Living Room” with a simple mission: to provide a supportive safe space, some food, and a cup of coffee to the disadvantaged residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

For every soup flight served at our Tasting Kitchen, Pacific Foods will be donating one serving of Pacific Soup to the Dugout’s soup service. Our employees will also be volunteering at the Dugout daily through the program.

How to Find Us

Wednesday, May 22nd to Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Open from: 11am – 7pm

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