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Top 10 Things to Do with Pumpkin
Top 10 Things to Do with Pumpkin

0Top 10 Things to Do with Pumpkin

November 17th, 2015

Posted By: Pacific Foods

With Pacific Pumpkin Puree in the pantry, you have the makings for something delicious. And inside every carton, you’ll find just one simple ingredient: organic pumpkin. What can you do with this almighty gourd? We’re counting down the top 10 ways to use our Pumpkin Puree.

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Ghoulishly Good Soup

0Ghoulishly Good Soup

October 29th, 2015

Posted By: Pacific Foods

Halloween and sugar indulgence are an American pastime. This year, before your own little goblins embark on their quest to the sugary haze, why not fill their bellies with something wonderfully nourishing first, like this Creamy Pumpkin Soup?

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The Nourish Every Kid Toolkit

0The Nourish Every Kid Toolkit

October 2nd, 2015

Posted By: Pacific Foods

1 in 5 US children is hungry. That’s about 20% of the students at most of our country’s schools! These kids receive assisted meals during the school year, but when weekends and school breaks come around, many of these children simply don’t eat. We created the Nourish Every Kid Toolkit to help concerned people like yourself help hungry kids in their communities.

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"Download the Nourish Every Kid Toolkit to champion a food drive at a school near you."

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Name the Paleo Dish

0Name the Paleo Dish

September 30th, 2015

Posted By: Pacific Foods

Paleo fans, have we got a recipe for you! It’s a tasty little non-dairy and gluten-free quiche, made with a sweet potato hash brown crust, bacon, eggs, leeks, artichoke hearts, sweet red peppers, mushrooms and our Organic Unsweetened Almond Original Non-Dairy Beverage. Help us name this Paleo-inspired recipe and you could win a prize pack of Pacific Paleo-friendly products!

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"Name this Paleo dish and you could win a Paleo-friendly prize pack!"

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The Watched Pot

0The Watched Pot

September 29th, 2015

Posted By: Pacific Foods

Now that the school year has resumed, some of you may find yourselves returning to familiar evening routines. Battles over dog-eaten assignments and laundry-littered floors immediately come to mind. Quality “family time” can feel at a premium this time of year, so dinners together take on even greater importance.

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