Top Five Chocolate Desserts for Summer

July 18th, 2014

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Top Five Chocolate Desserts for Summer Pacific Foods

Whether you’re enjoying the summer sunshine with friends or on your own, you’re bound to hit some late-night chocolate cravings. And, when that happens, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top five chocolate desserts for summer, sure to please.


Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding:

Made with cold-brew coffee, this non-dairy, gluten-free, vegan pudding is perfect for any special diet and chocolate craving. With a little advance prep, you can whip this up and have it ready for dessert! Get the recipe.


Chocolate Pumpkin Ice Cream:

This chocolate pumpkin “ice cream” is just what you need for a hot summer day. It’s the perfect mix of chocolate, comfort and ice to break the heat wave. 


Chocolate Hazelnut Avocado Mousse:

This no-cook mousse recipe is perfect for the hottest of summer days and takes full advantage of summer season avocados. And with nut butters and healthy fats, it’s the perfect healthier dessert indulgence. Plus, it won’t heat up your kitchen!


Red Wine Chocolate Pudding:

Another vegan pudding that is 100% worth the effort, as long as it’s not too hot to stand over the stove for a few minutes. This recipe from Marnley of Cooking with Books is so tasty. It’s the perfect after-dinner dessert, paired a glass of wine on a warm summer night – you just can’t go wrong!


Chocolate Pull-Apart Rolls:

These chocolate pull-apart rolls will make your guests swoon. Not only are they soft and fluffy, but each bite is gives you a burst of chocolate. Paired with the slight almond taste, it’s another perfect after-dinner treat for guests, potlucks or just for your serious chocolate craving this summer.


What other chocolate summer desserts are you serving this summer? We’d love to see ‘em in our kitchen section. Submit yours here .

Top Five Chocolate Desserts for Summer Top Five Chocolate Desserts for Summer Top Five Chocolate Desserts for Summer