The Wetlands Conservancy

August 23rd, 2013

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The Wetlands Conservancy Pacific Foods

Sustainability has always been a big part of Pacific’s DNA. When our founder, Chuck Eggert bought farmland in the Willamette Valley, he saw it as an opportunity to further Pacific’s commitment to sustainable practices through earth-friendly agriculture.


The Wetlands Conservancy (TWC) was founded 33 years ago in Tualatin, Oregon. At the time, a group of citizens banded together to protect the 56-acre Hedges Creek Marsh (the very land beside Pacific’s company headquarters.) Since that time, TWC has worked with private landowners, conservation organizations and environmentally conscious companies like Pacific to conserve and restore Oregon’s precious wetlands throughout the state.


Wetlands serve a vital role in the health of our environment. Much like kidneys in a human body, wetlands absorb, filter and re-circulate our water. They also provide critical fish and wildlife habitats to so many of the species we identify with Oregon. In the face of destructive floods, wetlands serve as natural buffers to protect our communities.


Ester Lev, the Executive Director of TWC applauds Pacific’s company philosophies. “Pacific and TWC share similar company values and a belief in the connection between water and place,” she says. Pacific has worked closely with the organization on two wetlands projects. Lev adds, “Pacific is actively involved in our community. They see the value of stepping up to be a steward to the land and strive to leave our world a better place.”


Our joint efforts have paid off. Hedges Creek was once a degraded wetland, overrun with invasive species. Today, it’s a vibrant wetland ecosystem and home to countless species of native wildlife. Other wetland projects helped shape some of the lushest, organic farmland in the Willamette Valley.  And healthy farmland makes for some of the tastiest food around. 



The Wetlands Conservancy The Wetlands Conservancy The Wetlands Conservancy