The Nourish Every Kid Toolkit

October 2nd, 2015


The Nourish Every Kid Toolkit Pacific Foods

Walk into any elementary school and you’ll find children that seem happy, energetic and full of life. They’re kids, after all!  But the tough reality is that 1 in 5 US children is hungry. That’s about 20% of the students at most of our country’s schools! These kids often receive assisted meals during the school year, but when weekends and school breaks come around, many of these children simply don’t eat.


At Pacific, we’re working to change all that. We created the Nourish Every Kid program to help hungry children get the nutrition their bodies desperately need when classes are not in session. Recently, we adopted a local elementary school with a high percentage of homeless children. By creating a community pantry filled with hearty soups, pasta, beans and sides, the families of these students have ready access to wholesome foods. Before school breaks, we send these kids go home with Nourish Every Body™ boxes filled with healthy eats to keep their bellies full and their spirits high.


You can make a difference at a school near you. With hunger being prevalent at so many US schools, there’s bound to be children facing food insecurity right in your own neighborhood. It’s shocking certainly, but you can take steps to see that these young children get the nourishment they deserve.


The Nourish Every Kid Toolkit. To make it easier for people like yourself to help local families in need, we created the Pacific Nourish Every Kid Toolkit. It’s a downloadable kit with simple and easy-to-follow instructions on how to champion a food drive for students in your area. You’ll learn ways to get school faculty on board, how to recruit helpers, which foods are most needed, even how to get donation sponsors. We’ll even send you some healthy Pacific products to start filling up your food donation box!


We believe no child should go hungry, but we can’t Nourish Every Body alone. It takes the help and the dedication of hunger advocates like you. To learn more about championing the program at your neighborhood school, download your Nourish Every Kid Toolkit, today. 1 in 5 children will be so grateful you did.


Discover all the ways we’re working to fight childhood hunger and how you can get involved at

Download the Nourish Every Kid Toolkit to champion a food drive at a school near you.

The Nourish Every Kid Toolkit The Nourish Every Kid Toolkit The Nourish Every Kid Toolkit