The Green Team

September 26th, 2013

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The Green Team Pacific Foods

Last month, James Louderman joined the Pacific family as our first Sustainability Coordinator Intern. He’s working with Rory Schmick our Sustainability Director, or “green business pioneer” as we like to call him. James hasn’t hesitated on getting started and has consumed himself with catching up on what we’ve done in the past and where we’re going in the sustainable future.


“Currently, we are working to create a robust culture of energy conservation and I’m learning to think across many levels.” The sustainability team is always thinking upstream about conservation. “I’m learning to ask, ‘How can we grow and design things differently? How can we eliminate waste before it even occurs?’” James adds. “The challenge keeps us pretty busy. I haven’t stopped thinking about what’s next.”


Joining Rory’s sustainability team has meant working with many different internal and external stakeholders on a wide variety of projects. It’s given James a lot of information to take in. “It’s exciting to work with a team that is tackling such big projects,” he explains.


As a recent Portland State University MA graduate, James trained as an environmental historian, so he never leaves any details out. (Our kind of guy!) He’s great at tackling all the nitty-gritty details of research analysis, number crunching, and data compiling. James’ work will help us find potential ways to pare down our energy consumption, diminish our waste generation, and ultimately, get us closer to our goal of zero waste.


Lofty?  Sure, but every day we’re getting closer to achieving that goal. We’re happy to have another pioneer join us in our sustainable journey. Welcome aboard, James!

The Green Team The Green Team The Green Team