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October 16th, 2013

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Rogue Free Zone Pacific Foods

At Pacific, we hold our ingredients to some pretty high standards. We like knowing where our food comes from, and we think most of you do, too. In fact, several years before the USDA required organic certification labeling, we started our Certified to the Source program, tracking how and where every ingredient we use is grown.


We like to think of ourselves as food rogues, but we don’t allow our ingredients to be. Every veggie, every lentil and every filbert we use is held accountable. We work with several trusted suppliers to ensure all our ingredients are of the highest quality.


We talked with Jamie Barker, an Agronomist from SVZ, one of the companies who partners with our local growers.  Jamie works closely with some of the farmers who supply us with butternut squash in the Pacific Northwest. Pacific contracts out over 175 acres of organic-certified farmland in the Yakima Valley, Central Columbia Basin and Walla Walla Valley, to grow the tasty squash that give our butternut squash soups their rich flavor.


Jamie checks in with farmers throughout the growing process, from the time the non-treated squash seeds are planted in May, to harvest in October. “The land must be certified organic for three years before organic food can be grown here,” Jamie explained. “Every squash we supply Pacific with can be traced back to the farm, even down to the lot it’s grown on.”


Working with Pacific requires our suppliers to embrace their share of paperwork, but Jamie said they’re happy to comply. “People are assured that no unsafe chemicals or pesticides will be used in their foods.”


We like working with folks who do their part to care for the earth. Jamie assures us, it’s just as important to the people who tend to the crops.“Our farmers are good stewards of the land,” he said. “They take care of the fields now and for many years to come.”


Way to grow, guys. Way to grow.



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