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August 13th, 2013

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Pacific Goes Camping Pacific Foods

Whether you’re camping in your backyard or miles away, you’ll need to plan out your meals ahead of time. Not to worry, we’ve got your next overnight trip solved.


Rise and shine, campers. After a night under the stars, everyone will love a warm breakfast. Things like oatmeal, grits, pancakes and egg scrambles are always satisfying. Pack in 8 oz. non-dairy beverages instead of milk to use in recipes like those. Or, pour over cereal for an even easier camping breakfast. Because they don’t need refrigeration, they won’t take up any valuable space in the cooler.


The gang’s all here! Camping with a big group doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor. Bring some ready-to-eat sides like Organic Baked Beans or Mac & Cheese to accompany a big meal without any prep. Don’t forget the Pasta O’s for the kids and picky eaters! Try tossing some pre-cut veggies or leftovers into a big pot over the fire, and add a carton or two of the soup starters. In no time, you’ll have a delicious dinner for a whole family!


Let’s take it on the road. If you have a long road trip ahead of you, pack of box of Pacific’s Organic Refried Beans with some cheese, salsa and tortillas. Make a pit stop on the way, and you’ll have a delicious wrap on the go. Reseal and chill the leftover beans. Add more salsa and cheese and use them as an easy bean dip for chips.


Flying Solo. Camping alone makes meal prep even easier. Just grab a box of any of our hearty soups and eat them on the go. Bring one with you on a hike, find a nice place to sit down, and enjoy! Our soups are fully-cooked so you can eat them straight out of them carton. Just grab a box and go! We had one fan take our Organic Creamy Tomato Soup on a rafting trip down the Colorado River.  (We assume she ate it after the Class III rapids, not during.) Should you have any leftovers, be sure to keep them cool after opening (that is, if you don’t guzzle the whole carton).


When in doubt, plan ahead. If you’ve got time, make some baked goods for breakfast or a sweet snack the night before your big trip. Cut up any veggies or greens your plan to use at home before you leave, and you’ll really cut down on cook time during your vacation.

The summer's not over yet. You still have time to get in a few good nights around the campfire Have some more tips or thoughts to share? Do tell. There’s nothing we love more than a great camp story.

Pacific Goes Camping Pacific Goes Camping Pacific Goes Camping