Our Sustainable Journey

September 11th, 2013

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Our Sustainable Journey Pacific Foods

Sustainability is something we talk a lot about at Pacific. Conserving energy, materials and water, as well as reducing waste, are all ways we work to lessen our company’s carbon footprint. But it’s not enough to think about using less today; we devote much of our time thinking about creating a positive impact tomorrow.


Sustainability Director, Rory Schmick is our resident “green space pioneer.” He heads up a team (small by design) that guides Pacific’s sustainability program. “Many companies look at sustainability in the production phase,” he explains. “We try to think upstream about conservation: how to grow and design things differently, how to eliminate waste before it occurs. We even work with suppliers to reuse shipping containers.”


Rory and his team view sustainability as a journey, not a destination.  “We engage our production, engineering and maintenance teams along the way. By making thoughtful investments, we’ve slashed our energy use by 20% the past seven years,” Rory adds. Pacific has four full-time employees dedicated to recycling. We recover 77% of our waste materials, which keeps 150 tons of waste out of landfills every month. But for us, it’s not enough. “Zero waste is our goal,” Rory explains “And every day, we’re working to make it attainable.”  


Pacific completed seven energy-efficient projects in 2012, which saved over 830,000 kilowatts of power and 312 metric tons of carbon dioxide. While Rory errs on the side of “doing more and talking less,” he gets very excited when he can talk about our sustainable mission. “We strive to produce high-quality, innovative products that can benefit our employees, customers, and community, along with the environment,” he says rather proudly. “We are empowering people and encouraging other organizations to look at sustainability through this lens.”


Conserving materials helps Pacific spend less as a company, too. We try to pass those savings on to you. Which just goes to show, green really is the new black.

Our Sustainable Journey Our Sustainable Journey Our Sustainable Journey

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