Our Pacific Community Store

June 6th, 2013

#life at pacific

Our Pacific Community Store Pacific Foods

We like to think of everyone here at Pacific as one big extended family. And like any other family, we also try to keep those near and dear to us well fed. That’s one of the big reasons that Pacific recently opened our first Community Store. It’s our way of making sure all our employees have access to better quality, nutritious food.

The store is simple by design. Inside, you’ll find just a few aisles filled with Pacific products like Almond Milk, Chicken Broth, and all our favorite soups. Employees can purchase our full line of foods and a variety of meat and dairy products, too. We’ve also introduced vegetables, like organic kale, mustard greens and spring onions, fresh from our founder’s farms down the road. Employees can also take home plant starts, such as jade and kitchen herbs, to plant in their own gardens. 

We’ve kept the store bare bones to keep prices down.  Bit by bit, we’ll add more farm-fresh produce, dairy products, baked goods and so much more.

It’s our own little one-stop shop, and a place we can pick up all our favorite Pacific broths, soups, sides non-dairy beverages before heading home to share them with our own families. After all, we’re not just Pacific employees, we’re Pacific consumers, too.

Our Pacific Community Store