Our New Bee Guy

July 26th, 2013

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Our New Bee Guy Pacific Foods

Our farming family just got a little bigger. Last week, we introduced Jake Frazier, one of our organic farm apprentices. This week, meet Justin Krohn, the newest “bee guy” at our founder’s organic farms. We brought him in to help us colonize the honeybees that pollinate the many veggies, herbs and other crops we’ve been growing on the land. Along with his share of daily bee stings, he’s also providing a much-needed helping hand on the farm.

You might remember that in May, we had some friends from Washington State University visit and teach us about bee colony collapse disorder. We wanted to do our part to help. They surprised us and left us with a few hives so we could experiment. We were so thankful but a little short handed in the beekeeping department.

Justin was a “Bee Research Technician” at WSU, and he had stellar recommendations as a beekeeper. Our founder is a pretty loyal alumni, so when Justin came so highly recommended, (a new graduate with a Natural Resource Science degree) we snatched him up immediately.

Justin will be working to build up the bees’ strength, and he says we should have honey by the end of summer! The average hive houses about 50,000 bees, but our new hives have only about 20,000. We still have a way to go, but with Justin’s hand, our sustainable farming journey will continue to unfold. Stay tuned.

Our New Bee Guy Our New Bee Guy Our New Bee Guy