Our Growing Farm Family

July 16th, 2013

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Our Growing Farm Family Pacific Foods

Sustainability runs deep in the Pacific family, so any time we can welcome in another planet-hugger, our arms are wide open. Last month, we brought in Jake Frazier, a recent grad from Washington State University. Jake has a degree in natural resources, with a focus on aquatics.

Acting as an apprentice at our Founder’s Organic farmland, Jake will be pitching in with our aquatics, irrigation and harvesting this summer. Jake’s academic experience with developing ponds for frogs and salamanders is now helping us to create a closed-loop system at our founder’s farm so that nothing in the greenhouses goes to waste.

Under the guiding hand of Laurie Mooney, Jake has worked with countless plants and animals at several of our founder’s organic farms. Most of his work has been helping us develop a better irrigation system.

He’s also helped us move more than 1,000 less than cooperative turkeys outside to soak up the warm weather. He calls it “his getting acquainted period.” We call it just another day on the farm.

Our Growing Farm Family Our Growing Farm Family Our Growing Farm Family

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