October Garden Guide

October 21st, 2013

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October Garden Guide Pacific Foods

The cooler weather that comes with the changing season in mid-October doesn’t mean anything to us out on our founder’s farms. There’s lots still growing, and it’s not just pumpkins! There are a couple projects Laurie and her farm crew have been working on to prepare for the winter months and next year’s growing season.


Cover Crops. Right now, it’s the perfect time to get those shallot and garlic bulbs in the ground. They’ll over-winter and be ready for eating this spring. It’s also a good time to plant your cover crops. Beans, peas and root vegetables are just a few of the productive cover crops you can plant right now.


Favas. Laurie and her crew planted a few fava bean starts recently. They love fava beans because they’re great for adding nitrogen back into the soil. And – you get beans! Win-win.


Preserving. Seed saving is an on-going practice at our founder’s farms. Since we use all heirloom and/or organic seeds, there are no legal issues with saving the seeds. If you save seeds at home, you want to make sure you’re not using patented seeds. Another reason to support heirloom seeds when you can.

Right now, it’s time for harvesting sunflower seeds. The whole process takes a little patience, but it is well worth it for all the seeds you get!


  1. Wait for the heads on your sunflowers to droop a little, and cut the flowers leaving a few inches of stems.
  2. Set the cut flowers in a place where they won’t get wet and leave face up. Let dry for about one month. Seeds should easily come loose when ready.
  3. Save the seeds in a dry place and plant the next year (or use for bird feed). 
  4. Repeat.


Farm life is at its best this fall here in the Willamette Valley. What’s going on in your own backyards?

October Garden Guide October Garden Guide October Garden Guide

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