Oat: A Toast to Your Health

June 10th, 2014

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Oat: A Toast to Your Health Pacific Foods

Next up in our Non-Dairy All Star Team:  Oat Beverages.


For sweet and creamy flavor, Pacific Oat is in a glass by itself. Available in Organic Original or Organic Vanilla, our oat non-dairy beverages are sweetened naturally with organic whole grain oats, never added sugar. And talk about your health perks. An eight-ounce serving of Oat is loaded with calcium, 4 grams of protein, vitamin D and a full serving of whole grains. Whole grain oats are naturally low in fat and cholesterol too, so they promote heart health. Cheers to that!


As for versatility, our oat non-dairy beverages are perfect for drinking alone or delicious over cereal. Use as a substitute for dairy in oatmeal to sweeten the depth of the grain flavor. In baking, oat beverages peak well, adding a soft texture and even browning to muffins, breads or cakes. And nothing complements the fruity goodness of mangos and berries in a smoothie quite like our oat.


Both our Organic Original and Organic Vanilla are soy-free and verified by the Non-GMO Project. Plus, all our organic ingredients have been certified to the source for quality so they’re as good for the earth, as they are for you. 


Celebrate the goodness of non-dairy month all month long. Join us and add your favorite uses for Pacific oat beverages on Facebook.

Oat: A Toast to Your Health Oat: A Toast to Your Health Oat: A Toast to Your Health

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