New One-Step Opening!

May 29th, 2014

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New One-Step Opening! Pacific Foods

Next time you open one of our products with a cap, you might see that it opens straight to the product and there are no more foil tabs. Don’t be surprised! Soon, all our products will have new caps that only require one-step to open (just twist to open!). Not only are they easier to open and enjoy, they also use less packaging. How does it work? Read on and see our FAQs below for the details. 


Q: How exactly does the “one step” work?

A: Simply unscrew the easy-open cap and pour. When you start twisting the cap, you’ll hear a click as the sealed tamper-evident ring breaks away from the cap. When you complete twisting the cap one full turn, the cutting mechanism cuts the inner seal and folds it back. Those two steps are now combined into one easy twist of the cap!


Q: Without a pull tab, how will I know if my product has been tampered with?

A: You’ll see a clearly visible tamper-evident ring below the cap that is intact before opening. When the cap is twisted you’ll hear a clicking sound similar to the opening of a plastic water bottle. (See the photos below, so you know what to look for.)


Q: When I open the product why don’t I see a foil seal?

A: When you twist the new easy-open cap one full turn, it activates a secondary cutting mechanism that cuts straight through the inner seal to the product. The inner seal isn’t visible but remains attached just underneath the opening and doesn’t fall into the product. So, we didn’t just get rid of the pull tab, it’s a whole new process for the easiest open possible!


Better Packaging

We’ve heard from our consumers that pull tabs are sometimes difficult to open. The pull tabs also have caused problems for us in production because it takes a few steps to put them on top the packaging. To fix the difficulties for you and for us, we’re introducing these easy, one-step opening caps to replace the pull tabs.

The new cap has some great other benefits besides being easier to open and having a reseal option. When you pour our products, there will be less splashing and a smoother pour with a higher flow. Basically it’s a better way to get your tomato soup, almond non-dairy beverage, or chicken broth a little faster with less potential mess!


Environmental Benefits

This little cap has some big benefits environmentally, too. With the new caps, our packaging is nearly 70% renewable and uses the lowest amount of material (no pull tabs or straws going to the landfill!). As always, our packages will be supplied from well-managed forests, recyclable and BPA-free.


Anything Else?

The new caps have started hitting stores, so you’ll start to see a slightly new look appearing and the tabs disappearing. The 32-ounce cartons with the new caps will say “Easy Open Cap” right on the top so you’ll know when to expect this change (photo below). If you buy our 8-ounce non-dairy beverages in 4-packs, you’ll see “Reclosable Cap” right on the outer paper sleeve. If you ever have any questions on this, you can always email us here or give us a call at (503) 692-9666.

New One-Step Opening! New One-Step Opening!