Mobile Houses for Happy Chickens

June 6th, 2014

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Mobile Houses for Happy Chickens Pacific Foods

Our founder’s farms raise almost 200,000 chickens a year. These birds have access to free-range organic pasture, and our farm crew is always experimenting with the best possible housing for the birds.


Recently, new mobile houses were installed to help the farms gather information. The new poultry quarters are allowing us learn how the chickens behave in each of the housing structures and make changes to the design based on how the chickens react and live in these homes.


The latest design features a mobile chicken house that allows the chickens to roam about and climb wherever they please. Straw or grass, inside or outside, up high or on the ground – it’s all up to the birds! The houses keep them warm and out of the rain, but they always are able to roam outside if they want, too. The chickens even braved the snow this year, and stayed nice and warm in their house.



Why put so much work into all of this? To raise happy, healthy chickens and ensure the highest quality life for our chickens. Check out the latest housing tests in our photos below!

Mobile Houses for Happy Chickens Mobile Houses for Happy Chickens Mobile Houses for Happy Chickens