Hummus Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

May 20th, 2014

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Hummus Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend Pacific Foods

Hummus is great on its own or with a few pita chips and fresh veggies. But, sometimes it’s even better when you start thinking creatively! Last week, we asked what your favorite way was to have hummus when you’re not dipping, and we got lots of great ideas. Here are our top three.


Heavenly Deviled Eggs

Kelly R. on Facebook suggested using hummus in deviled eggs instead of mayonnaise. We thought about this one for a while, and we decided our Roasted Red Pepper Hummus would be a perfect fit. You cut the calories and make deviled eggs a perfect, easy appetizer. We’ll be serving these this weekend at our Memorial Day BBQ parties.


Pasta Works

On Instagram, @iwokeupfat101 sent us a creamy, pasta sauce recipe. She said:

“I enjoy thinning the Hummus with a touch of #PacificChickenBroth this becomes my ‘cream’ sauce with cooked Quinoa Pasta. I add lots of sautéed veggies to the pasta. No need to heat the "Cream Sauce" the warm Pasta & Sautéed takes care of that. Enjoy!!”

And, we did enjoy! We tested it out, and here’s our official recipe if you need a little more guidance and ratios. Top with fresh herbs for a hint of extra flavor.


Top That

Another fan, Sharon W. from Facebook, sent us a suggestion to use on a veggie burger instead of other sauces, like mayo. The more we thought about that, the better it sounded! When you’re serving veggie burgers or portabella burgers, hummus is the perfect condiment because it’s a vegan alternative to mayo. Great idea Sharon! We’ll definitely put that to use at our Memorial Day BBQs this weekend.


Any other fantastic ideas? We’re loving how creative you are! Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

Hummus Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend Hummus Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend Hummus Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend