Game Day Bite Sized Lineup

January 29th, 2014

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Game Day Bite Sized Lineup Pacific Foods


The perfect game day menu has a little bit of everything, but with a little bit of everything, serving size can get out of control. Did you know that The Big Game this Sunday is only second to Thanksgiving in American food consumption? We’re here to help curb your binge eating this year with these mini recipes. These recipes will take all your game day staples and save you time without sacrificing flavor.



First Down

It’s easy to go overboard on the delicious snacks but instead of cutting them out, we’re just cutting them down. Serve your 7 layer dip in mini mason jars, ramekins or even disposable cups. The layers look great in the mini cups, and it will look like you spent hours perfecting them! Our tip: use a pastry or plastic bag to make the layers even and clean. Serve with healthier dippers, like bean chips, for extra fiber and nutrition.



You know Mac & Cheese is always a hit! For an easy way to keep serving size in check without revealing it to your guests, try making Mini Mac & Cheese Cups. Start with our Mac & Cheese Bake, and cook in muffin tins, instead of a glass dish. Line the muffin tins with proscuitto or bacon and fill them with the mac & cheese. Be sure to use uncured meats so you’re free of added nitrates. And, using our Mac & Cheese means you’ve got 100% rBST free, made with real cream, butter and cheese. A much better option than your standard mac & cheese with bacon bits! We just recommend cooling the Mini Mac & Cheese Cups before removing them from the tins. They'll be easier to handle and hold their shape.


Half Time

This time of year, you can never go wrong with slow-cooker chili and soups. And, soup is easy to portion control! Start the morning of the game by adding your favorite ingredients to your Crock Pot. Swap in Pacific’s Low Sodium Broths for a healthier option to whatever you’re making. Or, start with our Organic Roasted Red Pepper & Vegetable Lentil Soup Reduced Sodium and add veggies, chicken, pesto or whatever else your appetite desires! This is the recipe we started with. Serve in small bowls.


Field Goal

Swap your chicken wings for these cranberry balsamic meatballs. The recipe calls for a slow-cooker for these, too. They’ll get you out of the kitchen during the game and will stay warm so guests can serve themselves.



No game day is complete without baked beans, so impress your guests with baked bean stuffed cornbread! We just used our favorite cornbread mix, hollowed out the center and stuffed with our Organic Baked Beans. Top with cheese, and if you don’t do dairy, replace the milk with our 7 Grain or Oat Non-Dairy Beverages.


What are your secrets to a successful game day?

Game Day Bite Sized Lineup Game Day Bite Sized Lineup Game Day Bite Sized Lineup