Food Trends in 2014: Expo West

March 18th, 2014

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Food Trends in 2014: Expo West Pacific Foods

The Pacific Foods team joined more than 60,000 other people at Expo West, the largest Natural Products Expo in the country. Natural and organic brands from beauty, wellness, and food industries come to show off their latest and greatest products. And, we even got to meet Jessica Alba, founder of the Honest Company. She is a big fan of our non-dairy beverages. How cool is that?

Last year saw lots of chia, kale, yogurt, coconut, quinoa, oats and popcorn at Expo West. This year, we knew they were here to stay. Those ingredients still topped the charts, but we’ll share a few new trends for 2014.

Our Prediction for Food Trends in 2014:

  1. New packaging. More and more people are shifting to packaging like tetra-paks and pouches. Ready to eat fruit and veggie smoothies are coming in squeeze bags and hummus is shelf stable. Things you never thought possible are now possible!
  2. Sriracha. From popcorn to hummus and chips to organic srirachas. We saw a lot of the spicy Asian sauce. Sriracha soup? Not this year, but that would make a tasty addition to our line up…
  3. Juices. We saw a lot of cold pressed juice with superfood infusions like turmeric, beets, carrots and lots more! Keep your eyes open because most brands are launching lots of new flavors this year.
  4. Oats. Oat granola, oat smoothies, oat yogurt, oat bars and of course our delicious oat non-dairy beverages. Our Oat beverages are some of our fastest growing flavors. So, you might be seeing more of it soon. Oat beverages to-go? Yes please!
  5. Special Diets. More gluten free, more dairy free, more vegan. As you walked around to get samples, people would make sure you knew the samples were “vegan, gluten free and soy free.” We love that there are more options for people with special diets, and that most of the options are coming from the natural & organic world. Cleaner ingredients, clearer labels and lots of effort from lots of great brands!
  6. Protein power! We saw plant protein, protein bars, protein smoothies and lots of nut protein. Protein is a big deal this year, maybe because of paleo influences? Whatever it is – sounds good to us!
  7. Legumes. Lots of hummus, chickpeas and Mediterranean-approved foods. Tasty, healthy nutrition. Chickpeas roasted, chickpea chips and lots of hummus! We’re planning some fun additions to our legumes line this year, so stay tuned.
  8. Superfood. How many times can we say it? Superfoods are everywhere, and for good reason. From quinoa chia chips to oat yogurt – everything is joining forces to make even more superfoods. We even saw a superfood butter company that turns just 12 superfoods make 4 different flavors of this superfood butter. And no surprise – it’s delicious.


We have a few exciting things in store for the year, and we’re pretty excited that we fell into some of the big trends we saw at the show. Stay tuned for the details.

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Food Trends in 2014: Expo West Food Trends in 2014: Expo West Food Trends in 2014: Expo West