FAQ Friday: Allergens

March 28th, 2014

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FAQ Friday: Allergens Pacific Foods

We are aware that many of our consumers have special dietary needs, so we take food safety seriously around here. As part of our overall Quality Assurance Program, we have a Food Allergy Safety Procedure designed to prevent cross contact.


Before any products are run in the plant, all allergens used are identified. Our equipment is then cleaned thoroughly after allergenic products are produced, as well as, between different types of allergens.


The cleaning process is an extensive five step process:

  1. First, we start with a pre-rinse.
  2. Then, we do a caustic cleaning.
  3. We follow that with a mid-rinse with sterile water.
  4. Then, an acidic rinse to neutralize the caustic rinse.
  5. And lastly, a final rinse with sterile water.


After the cleaning process, we do a swab check of the equipment to verify there is no residue left on the machines. 


All allergenic ingredients are kept in an allotted space and are kept separately from non-allergenic ingredients to avoid cross-contact.  This cleaning procedure is certified through and inspected by a third party, Safe Quality Foods Institute, to their highest level.


We test our rinse water samples after our cleaning procedures to confirm the sanitation process described above. It checks for the absence of each type of allergen we run in our plant for each cleaning circuit.  This test is capable of testing down to 10 parts per million (ppm). We can check for hazelnut, gluten, almond, and soy with this type of testing. All products with a lactose or dairy-free claim are checked for milk allergens down to 5 ppm.  And, we randomly check finished products for gluten allergens down to 10 ppm, too.


At Pacific Foods it is important to us that your food not only tastes great, but is also good for you. Our delicious recipes capture all the health, vitality and nutrition nature has to offer.


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