Easy Meals Kids Can Make Themselves

April 8th, 2014

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Easy Meals Kids Can Make Themselves Pacific Foods

We have a secret that is going to save you lots of worry about what to make for dinner and time spent cooking it. Now that Spring Break is over and the kids are in school again, the weeknight routine is back. Give yourself a break from making dinner, and make the kids do it! They won’t even have to use the stove.


Our Pasta meals are ready to eat. Meaning, if they can reach a bowl and the microwave, they can make dinner for themselves! No stove and no scissors required. They’re tasty dishes your family wants, without the additives and preservatives you don’t.


The Pasta O’s are delicious, nutritious, and fun to eat. Each tasty bowl has 2 full servings of vegetables from carrot, celery, spinach and other veggies perfectly combined in our special tomato sauce.


Our Macaroni & Cheese has a new and improved recipe. Now cheesier and tastier than ever! The Mac & Cheese is rBST free, made with real cream, real butter and real cheddar cheese (read: no powders!) blended together to create the perfect rich creamy cheese sauce and pasta.


If your little ones aren’t old enough to stay at home themselves, leave the pasta meals at home with your babysitter. The babysitter will LOVE having a meal they can just open, pour, heat and serve. Plus, no extra dishes to clean up. 


Treat yourself to something your picky eaters don’t like, or a night out of the house. Tonight, your dinner-making duties are officially over!

Easy Meals Kids Can Make Themselves Easy Meals Kids Can Make Themselves Easy Meals Kids Can Make Themselves

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