Easter Brunch Recipes

April 11th, 2014

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Easter Brunch Recipes Pacific Foods



Easter comes at the height of spring, so we’re sharing some recipes that highlight all the bounty of the season. And, they’re perfect sides to accompany your Easter menu. What are you serving this Easter? Share your recipes here or with us on Facebook and Twitter.




Mini Butternut Squash Bisque Frittatas

These mini frittatas are easy to put together and the perfect combination of savory fall spices and fresh spring breakfasts. For the best flavor, we recommend farm-fresh, free-range eggs. You might try serving with cherry tomatoes or topping each muffin with a slice of tomato before putting it in the oven.




  1. Whisk Butternut Squash Bisque and eggs together. Add one handful of baby spinach at a time and stir together.
  2. Spray muffin tin with cooking spray. Spoon mixture into muffin tin. Fill each muffin about ¾ full. Sprinkle each with cheese.
  3. Bake muffins 20-22 minutes at 350 degrees. Makes 24 muffins.



Fresh Spring & Herb Pea Couscous Salad

This salad definitely says that spring has arrived! With all fresh herbs and green veggies, this will definitely leave your brunch guests asking for seconds. Adjust the herbs to your own taste. Try adding cilantro instead of parsley for a different flavor profile.




  1. Boil Vegetable Stock in saucepan.
  2. Add couscous to Vegetable Stock and remove from heat. Cover and leave for 10-15 minutes, until liquid is absorbed. Let cool.
  3. Combine peas and cooled couscous in bowl. Add remaining oil, lemon and herbs. Add ½-1 tablespoon oil. Stir until combined. Serve chilled or at room temperature.
Easter Brunch Recipes Easter Brunch Recipes Easter Brunch Recipes