Earth Day Giveaway!

April 22nd, 2014

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Earth Day Giveaway! Pacific Foods

Happy Earth Day! Sustainability is so important to us here at Pacific, and we get a little excited when Earth Day rolls around. To celebrate one of our favorite days of the year, we’re sharing our vision for zero-waste with a little help from our friends over at CompoKeeper. Together, we’re giving away a few cases of our products and three in-home compost bins to some lucky fans. More details below…


What’s CompoKeeper?

The folks over at CompoKeeper are passionate about protecting the environment. Father-daughter duo Kristen and Van Hess started CompoKeeper to make in-home composting simpler, cleaner and more accessible. CompoKeepers cut down on odors, flies and messiness and they are made in Northern California!! With this smart design, doing the right thing for the planet doesn’t have to feel like a chore anymore!


Why compost?

Food waste makes up 1/3 of household waste and yet, only about 8% of Americans compost. However, nearly 70% of Americans who don’t compost would be willing to do it if it were more convenient. 


This year at Pacific Foods we’ve already diverted more than 100 tons of organic waste from the landfill. Thanks to some big changes in our waste management system, we’re doubling our composting rate this year, getting us closer to that zero-waste goal.


Join the fun!

Join us on Facebook and Twitter today! On Facebook, we’re giving away two CompoKeepers and a few cases of our products. On Twitter we’re chatting at 1 p.m. PST, sharing some composting tips with the experts from CompoKeeper. Join us on Twitter, and be sure to use “#CompostChat” in your tweets. Stay tuned for another CompoKeeper and Pacific giveaway at the end of the chat, too!


Can’t make the chat? Come back here tomorrow, and we’ll have a new blog by Kristen Hess, CompoKeeper founder and composting expert, full of the best composting tips.


Full giveaway details here.

Earth Day Giveaway! Earth Day Giveaway! Earth Day Giveaway!