Cookbook Corner: Age Before Beauty

May 30th, 2013

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Cookbook Corner: Age Before Beauty Pacific Foods

With over 5,000 books on cooking and agriculture, Chuck Eggert's library is a would-be shrine to simple, old-world cooking and sustainable farming. Our founder has always been fascinated with finding cooking methods that maximize flavor and minimize waste.

A few of Chuck's favorite cookbooks date back centuries. Some might call Markham's English Housewife (penned in the early 1600's) a pretty old school approach to cooking. Perhaps, but Markham's simple techniques for making stocks and broths continue to shape the way we make Pacific's slow-cooked broths today.

Chuck says he loves the way old recipes were written. "New cookbooks focus on how to make food look pretty. They don't explain why you use certain ingredients or the process behind the cooking," he adds. "Old cookbooks tell you the 'why' and illustrate how things work in the kitchen."

Do you have a favorite old cookbook? Tell us about the simple ways you're cooking at home. We're always hungry for recipes using Pacific products, so serve 'em up. Our Kitchen is always open.

Cookbook Corner: Age Before Beauty