College Care from Pacific

October 11th, 2013

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College Care from Pacific Pacific Foods

 Whether it’s their freshman year of college, or they’ve returned for their last year, the kids are back in school.


It’s a time for growing, learning and most of all, making their own choices. From study routines to eating habits, all you can do is hope they make the right ones. But, that never stops parents from nudging their kid in the right direction.


What better way to send along a message that you’re thinking about them than with free stuff? We’ve put together the perfect college care package for parents to send along to their college-bound kids.


For the Dorm Life:

Dorm life limits food choices, so send along a few ready to eat snacks with reusable utensils (like this spoon, fork and knife all in one). 

Get nostalgic. Prevent late night trips to fast food restaurants with some ready to eat Pasta O’s and Mac & Cheese. It’s the perfect reminder of mom and dad.

All hail kale. Kale is the coolest veggie around this year, so don’t make your hip college kid go without. Send along some Spicy Black Bean & Kale Soup. They’ll hear about all the benefits in class.

Go worldly. Ethnic flavors are gaining in popularity too. Show them you’re really not so out of touch by packing some Thai Sweet Potato Soup.

Send a taste of home. Nothing soothes homesickness like tomato soup, so don’t forget the Organic Hearty Tomato Bisque. You never know, it might even result in a trip home.

Think smart. Our Organic Vegetable Lentil & Roasted Red Pepper Soup Reduced Sodium makes for perfect study food. You can rest easy knowing the sodium has been reduced, so it’s a heart healthier option for them.

Sip smarter. Our All Natural Chocolate Hazelnut Single Serve 4 Pack is perfect for a snack between classes or for extra energy on the next all-nighter paper they may have been putting off until the last minute.


First Apartment:

If they’ve got a place of their own, it’s time to start cooking. Here are a few more things you can add into the care package.

Start simple. Show them it’s easy to cook at home with our Pho, Tortilla or Tom Yum Soup Starters. They can even feed a house full of roommates with just one box! Don’t forget to include a few pantry staples, like rice noodles, for easy add-ins.

Go with the classics. Tomato soup is sure to curb those homesick blues, so you can send a bigger box this time. They can keep the extras in the refrigerator and maybe even learn to make their own grilled cheese to go along with it.

Say yes to non-dairy. Hemp Vanilla Non-Dairy Beverage. Don’t worry! There’s no THC.

Did we forget something? Share your favorite things to send along to your favorite college goers. They may have temporarily left the nest, but they’ll always need a taste of home.


College Care from Pacific