Benefits of Drinking Non-Dairy Milk

July 1st, 2013

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Benefits of Drinking Non-Dairy Milk Megan Roosevelt, Registered Dietitian and "Healthy Grocery Girl" blogger

The popularity of non-dairy beverages is growing every day. If you are thinking “Well, if I don’t drink cow’s milk, where will I get my protein and calcium from?” This is a common question I hear from my client’s and it is valid concern! The truth is that there are many natural nourishing plant based foods that are great sources of calcium and protein. For example nuts, seeds, beans, quinoa and even chia seeds are all protein rich foods. To consume more calcium, increase your intake of dark leafy green vegetables and fortified beverages such as certain non-dairy beverages!

Non-dairy milks will have a similar texture, consistency and look to cow’s milk but they will taste different because, they are different! If you have tried one type of non-dairy milk, and you didn’t like it, don’t give up. You may not like drinking a glass of non-dairy milk but you may love it in smoothies, on cereal or in your coffee. Also try different types of non-dairy milk. You may be a hemp milk super fan, but rice milk is not your thing. That’s ok! Give the different types of non-dairy milk a try, and experiment!

There are many uses for non-dairy beverages. Try different milks in different ways to see what you like best!

- Almond beverage is delicious over cereal or a bowl of hot oats.
- Chocolate Hazelnut beverage can simply be heated to create a delicious vegan hot cocoa in  
  minutes. Or add chocolate non-dairy beverages to your morning coffee for a mocha-like  
- Hemp milk froths the best, from my experience, out of all the non-dairy milks and is  
  great for making lattes.
- Also, you can simply use non-dairy beverage in place of cow’s milk for any recipe that call
  for cow’s milk. They have an equal exchange of 1 cup to 1 cup. For healthy non-dairy
  beverage recipes visit the recipe on Pacific’s website &

Non-dairy beverages are typically available as original, original unsweetened, vanilla and chocolate. They will vary in grams of protein, fiber, and sugar, so simply read the ingredient lists and nutrition facts to compare. My favorite type of non-dairy beverage seems to always be changing; however my usual favorites are almond and hemp.

For more information on how to make the switch from milk to non-dairy beverages, check out this Avocado Hemp Date Shake recipe post on my blog!

Benefits of Drinking Non-Dairy Milk

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