Avoiding Salt, Not Flavor

October 18th, 2013

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Avoiding Salt, Not Flavor Pacific Foods


Whether your doctor has suggested lowering the amount of salt in your diet or you’re just interested in living a healthier lifestyle, Pacific makes plenty of tasty products that will fit your special dietary needs. Our new Reduced Sodium Hearty Soups and unsalted Simply Stocks provide a healthier alternative. And the good news is, avoiding salt doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to flavor.


Simply Stocks. Our new Simply Stocks are an unsalted, flavorful base for your favorite sauces, gravies, braises and marinades. Our stocks are slow simmered for up to 6 hours and make for the perfect building blocks to add depth and body to any recipe. You can find them in 8-ounce, recipe-sized containers.


New Soups. Our new reduced-sodium hearty soups are old favorites that now boast 35% less sodium for quick and delicious meals!


These are just a few additions to our growing list of lower sodium options. Is there something else you’d like to see? We’re always looking for ways to bring good tastes to your table. After all, special diets need special attention, too.

Avoiding Salt, Not Flavor