Another Day on the Farm

June 28th, 2013

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Another Day on the Farm Pacific Foods

As a natural foods company, we’re always thinking up new ways to grow healthy foods more sustainably. Laurie Mooney, Pacific’s Landscape Design Specialist, (AKA resident green thumb) works on over 2,000 acres of our founder's organic farmland throughout the Willamette Valley and Eastern Oregon. 


Laurie does the land planning, site design and development for 18 organic farms, integrating animal and vegetative agriculture into all her work. “Part of my job is to develop sites as a means for sustainable productivity, as well as teaching and learning.” Laurie explains, “One of our primary goals is to shape healthier ecological farmland.” Laurie’s crew recently planted more than 1,200 trees at the farms, creating a microclimate that will enhance crop production and provide forage for pollinators.


Laurie also oversees vegetable and herb trials for Pacific, helping us learn which varieties have the best flavor. Much of the produce grown on these farms is harvested and sold to employees in our Pacific Community Store. “We grow year-round greens and a large selection of seasonal produce here,” she explains. “It’s part of our ongoing mission to give everyone access to healthy, nutritious food.”


Nothing here goes to waste. Come fall, when the plants are ready to retire, the fields will be cleared with the help of free-range chickens and pigs. You gotta love mowers who work for bok choy.




Another Day on the Farm Another Day on the Farm Another Day on the Farm

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