A Greener Thumb

July 12th, 2013

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A Greener Thumb Pacific Foods

Pacific tetra paks don’t just keep organic foods fresh, they’re sustainable in your garden, too. A soup carton is the perfect makeshift pot for newly-planted flowers and herbs. Just poke a few holes in the bottom for drainage and any plant start has found a home.


After planting seeds, separate a few offshoots into a tetra pak so they have room to thrive. The lightly-lined container will help keep thirsty seedlings moist as they begin to take root.


Most watering containers can be big and bulky, but a tetra pak can be repurposed into a convenient watering can. Simply rinse out the container, poke holes in the cap and let your plants drink in your eco-savviness. (Check out our Instagram video demo!)


Of course, there’s nothing more fun than sharing plants with friends. When you’re ready to split perennials or bulbs, use an old tetra pak as a way to transport new botanical babies from one garden to the next. There’s no more sustainably-friendly way to share the goodness of nature.


How do you use tetra paks in your garden? Tell us all the ways you’re making your green thumb even greener.

A Greener Thumb A Greener Thumb

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