911 for Your Garden

June 7th, 2013

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911 for Your Garden Pacific Foods

Here in the Pacific Northwest, June’s rains can make plants more prone to disease. We’re always looking for sustainable ways to keep our garden healthy and brimming with fresh veggies and flowers.

Did you know that by rotating the placement of vegetables each year you can eliminate soil-borne diseases and bacteria? Some veggies are heavier feeders, so by switching around the “crops” within your own garden you’ll also keep the soil in balance. Try to avoid planting the same type of plant in the same spot each year. If you planted a root vegetable last year, opt this year for something leafy or something that bares fruit.

For plants that are prone to fungal diseases, such as roses or perennials, simple cornmeal can help keep blackspot or anthracnose at bay. Apply a ring of cornmeal around the base of the plant every few weeks and let it work its antifungal magic. Other organic gardeners swear by a spray of 50% milk, 50% water to keep powdery mildew off the foliage of their plants.

Do you have a favorite organic gardening remedy? Plant the seeds here. For more tips on sustainable gardening, visit Organic Gardening.com  They share some great tips this month on growing tomatoes.


911 for Your Garden