10 Reasons to Think Inside the Box

October 3rd, 2013

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10 Reasons to Think Inside the Box Pacific Foods

Three years ago, we added a new member of the Tetra Pak family of packaging to our line-up: Recart cartons. While they might be smaller than their 32-ounce broth, creamy soup and non-dairy beverage cousins, these little cartons pack a lot in! Why is that? We fill ‘em up with delicious ingredients that are cooked right in the box. They use the same process as metal cans and glass jars, but we think the paper in these packs makes them a whole lot more sustainable. And better yet, Recart has allowed us to expand our line of soups to include hearty (think ‘chunky’ vs ‘creamy’) and condensed, and also offer sauces, meals, side dishes, and purees.


Now that Recart’s joined the family, we just couldn’t do without with our little cartons! They let us continue to protect the taste and deliver you delicious, wholesome foods. Here are just some of the reasons to think inside the box.


Bon Voyage, BPA. Like our other cartons (but unlike most cans), Recart packaging is BPA-Free!


Variety is the spice of life. With 21 recipes to choose from, you can find the perfect hearty soup from our line-up for even the pickiest eaters and the most challenging diets.


Waste not, want not. These recyclable cartons are made primarily from paper harvested from FSC certified forests.


Kids get their veggies. Each bowl of our Pasta O’s contains 2 full servings of vegetables.


No heavy metal. No tinny taste!  Our easy-open cartons deliver fresh and natural tasting products without the metallic taste cans can leave behind.


We keep it real. Our Mac & Cheese is made with real cream, butter and cheddar cheese - not powders.


We love comfort food. Our condensed soups are organic, gluten free, and perfect for all sorts of recipes and casseroles.


Tread lightly. Recart boxes are lighter and use 1/3 of the packaging of steel cans, giving them a smaller environmental footprint.


Holidays are in the box. Pacific’s Organic Cranberry Sauces, Gravies, and Pumpkin Puree offer the perfect way to complete your holiday meal.


Long live Recart. Unopened, our Recart products deliver fresh and natural taste for up to 2 years without needing refrigeration!


You won’t find a bigger fan of Recart than Pacific. What do you think makes it “the little package that could?”


10 Reasons to Think Inside the Box

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