We've set out to Nourish Every Body.™
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One hungry kid is too many. Become a School Champion and help Nourish Every Kid.

Hunger affects 1 in 5 U.S. children. Here in Oregon, food insecurity is just as prevalent. At 25 of Portland’s public schools, 100% of the students qualify for both free breakfast and free lunch. That means that during weekends and school breaks many of these kids simply don’t have food to eat. No matter what your school’s level of need, you can help by becoming a Nourish Every Kid School Champion.

Feeding the nutritional gap.

To help fight hunger at home, we’ve adopted a local elementary school where nearly one quarter of the students are homeless. Each month, we stock a community pantry with Pacific soups, meals and sides, and make the food readily available to these hungry kids and their families. Pacific Foods employees also regularly pack Nourish Every Body™ food kits with such items as steel-cut oatmeal, hearty soups, beans, diced meats and shelf-stable milk-- enough easy-to-prepare foods to feed this school’s neediest families for during school breaks.  

Take action. 

Without the threat of hunger, school breaks at this school have become a welcome time for one and all. And teachers are happy to report that learning is a lot easier for these students with full bellies. We created the Nourish Every Kid School Champions Program so that others, like you, can help close the nutritional gap that accompanies school breaks. Download our Nourish Every Kid Toolkit to learn how to be a School Champion. Whether at your own child’s school, or at a school near you, our toolkit will help you get started providing food boxes to kids who need them. 

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