Who We Serve

Wholesome, healthy foods your customers will love.

Your customers want natural and organic foods not only because they’re healthy, but because they taste better. At Pacific, we use the highest quality ingredients to create products you can count on every time.


Specialty Coffee

Pacific is dedicated to serving the needs of baristas, driving innovation in the specialty coffee segment. The Barista Series line of beverages was developed with input from baristas like you! Our unique formulas withstand high temperatures to deliver micro-foam so consistently smooth and velvety, you’ll think you’re using dairy. Barista Series products serve as the building blocks for beverage inspiration, offering versatility without sacrificing the flavor your customers demand.


College & University

Our wide selection of wholesome, all natural and organic foods are a big hit with students, parents and institutions because they’re healthy and taste great. We back all of our products with our very own Certified to the Source™ program. In a nutshell, we track the origin of every ingredient we use. Choose from our complete lineup of soups, broths and non-dairy beverages, available in single-serve and multi-serve options.



To meet the dietary and culinary demands of your patients, staff and public diners, we offer a wide range of foods in single-serve and multi-serve containers.  All of our products are made with the highest quality wholesome, all natural and organic ingredients. If we can’t pronounce it, you won’t find it in our foods. Our products are ideal for restricted diets: low sodium soups and broths, non-dairy beverages, gluten-free beverages and more.